Birthday Poem: My Fire

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While words may not be enough
To describe how much love
I have for you my lovely wife
There’s one word that just might

Your spirit burns so bright
For people lost you are a light
Those shivering cold, you’re warmth
A warming glowing red hearth
A Fire

When I met you I saw it too
Made me want to get to know you
That warm smile and beautiful face
Drawn to you, into your embrace
Your Fire

My love for you exploded in joy
I knew I wanted every day to enjoy
Your love, your company, your heart
I never want to be a part
from, your Fire

Happy Birthday my love

Burn Bright always

Sequoia Haiku 3/3

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High above the world
Air cool and clean in the trees
Peaceful I can breathe

Sequoia Haiku 2/3

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Cool breeze blowing trees
Giants humming peacefully
I rest at their feet

Sequoia Haiku 1/3

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What do you do when you’re in the beautiful national forest? Easy! Haiku!

On nature’s tower
High amongst the regal trees
Closer to heaven

Limerick: Summer

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As a season Summer cannot be beat
BBQs and swimming in the heat
But I stay inside
When the temperature’s high
So I don’t get sweaty and stink

Haiku: HorseĀ 

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Horse running with speed

Muscles bulging nostiles flaired 

Powerful beauty 

TBT: A Poem

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This was definitely a high school assignment. Why we were supposed to write a poem about poems I surely don’t know. But here was mine…

A poem is an element of wonder,

Such wonder is hard to describe.

A poem is never good, and never bad,

It cannot be graded on a scale.

A poem is any group of words,

In any order that seems fitting.

A poem can be as simple as breathing,

Or it can be as complex as dating.

A poem is a seed planted in the mind of the reader,

With proper food it can grow to be a great tree.

A poem can cause a tempest of the mind,

Or a melody of the heart.

A poem can bring out the best in you,

Or unleash the worst.

A poem is a language,

That speaks to us all.

A poem is a teacher,

From whom we all could learn.

More than anything else,

A poem is,

Whatever you want it to be.

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