Buried Bones

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I wrote this a long, long time ago. Kinda cute. I’m proud of young me. 🙂

When Finished with a bone
A dog wishes no one to be shown
So it is, that the bone be buried
Into a deep, dark, dank hole it’s hurried
No one again upon the bone will gaze
To the dog the bone is but a haze
Still the bone has existed
Have you the help of holes enlisted?


Playful Puppy

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Come on playful puppy
Come out and play with me.

Let’s go out to run and jump
I’ll let you chase me around the tree.

I love the way you play
And how you skip and hop so free.

When we’re all tired out
Rest your sweet head upon my knee.

I’m sorry dear little puppy
For the way I treated you.

I didn’t pay attention well
And smashed your paws with my shoe.

You yelped and retreated surprised
To a safe secure place you flew.

Come out and let me hold you
With hugs and kisses your pain I’ll sooth.

Together let’s lounge and enjoy life
I’ll forever care for you and treat you right.

Stay close to me soft puppy
I’ll stroke your fur gentle and light.

You’re forever safe with me sweet thing
I’ll protect you always with my might.

Cuddle up with me loving puppy
I’ll hold you and keep you warm every night.

Birthday poem for Eli

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For my son on his 8th birthday. I love you Eli. 


Happy birthday Eli!

I love the sparkle in your eye.


You have such a sweet and loving spirit.

I couldn’t ask for a better kid.


You love to run and jump and play,

getting the most out of every day.


Your smile warms my heart and more,

your soft voice and words I adore.


I love that you are a friend to all.

You are kind to those weak and small.


Though you’re young you’re already strong.

You’ll be a protector for others life long.


You’re a champion, a noble knight.

You always do what’s good and what’s right.


All who know you love you and appreciate,

your joy, love and laughter you make.


I’m here for you to hold your hand.

To love you and teach you all I can.


For now rest and smile and play.

Enjoy this and many more days.

My Worst Enemy

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I wrote this in the spring. I am surprised by my own fear and loathing. 


Hearing the gods of war in fear I cringe.

Soul quivers in knowledge of deaths approach.

Army of the dead play a somber dirge.

And words of my judgement are softly spoke.

Why does this enemy pursue me so?

Surely there are some more loathsome than I.

I am giving and seeds of love I sow.

Yet still judgement calls and says I must die.

In desperation I seek an escape.

I would gladly run from death’s bony claw.

Death upon me I look him in the face.

Heart sank as it was my own face I saw.

Time wasted watching for the enemy.

But the one I should far the most is me.

Flash Back Friday: Falling Stars

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I wrote this in 98! Wow…that seems like a world ago.

Falling Stars


I gaze longingly above

Towards the vast stars, I love

To hold, the hand of such is bliss;

I losing that feeling, I would miss

My soul, falls lifelessly

As driftwood, floating worthlessly.


Just once would I like,

For a star to take flight,

And fall from the majestic sky,

And behold itself to my eye.

Fall to my world bright star,

I can see you, not so far.

Help! Help!

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Help! Help!

Can’t you hear me?

Please let me out, let me be free.

I’m trapped in here and I don’t want to be.

Each day I’m here is agony.

Please let me out, have mercy.


Help! Help!

Why do you take so long?

Let me out so I can sing a song.

Or play the drums, clang a gong.

I’m trapped but it’s all wrong.

I want to go back where I belong.


Help! Help!

Do you see me here?

Shaking, sullen, full of fear.

Just waiting for the time to near.

When no longer fall my tears.

Save me from his despair.


Help! Help!

Why don’t you answer?

I’m trapped in here, a prisoner.

In a deep cell with no comfort.

And I’m worried there are monsters.

Please help me get out of here.


Help! Help!

Do you see the hurt in my eyes?

With your touch my spirit dies.

Your words are nothing but lies.

This cage I’m in is kid sized.

The little boy in me cries.