For my son on his 8th birthday. I love you Eli. 


Happy birthday Eli!

I love the sparkle in your eye.


You have such a sweet and loving spirit.

I couldn’t ask for a better kid.


You love to run and jump and play,

getting the most out of every day.


Your smile warms my heart and more,

your soft voice and words I adore.


I love that you are a friend to all.

You are kind to those weak and small.


Though you’re young you’re already strong.

You’ll be a protector for others life long.


You’re a champion, a noble knight.

You always do what’s good and what’s right.


All who know you love you and appreciate,

your joy, love and laughter you make.


I’m here for you to hold your hand.

To love you and teach you all I can.


For now rest and smile and play.

Enjoy this and many more days.