The darkest of rain

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Writings of a Mrs


The darkest of rains

Come at night when you sleep

Pouring down like the tears

While little children weep

I perch on the window sill



For the right moment to enter

Your dreams while you sleep

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Flashback Friday: Forecast

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another high school poem for this Friday…enjoy 🙂

Clouds cover the sun so bright
Shutting out the rays of its might
Bringing rain for the world below
When the time is right it might even snow
And below turmoil reigns supreme
Battling the evils of the storm so mean
Too little avail people continue in struggle
No ground does not carry a puddle
In this time so hopeless and dreary
Tomorrow the sun will wake up and shine.


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Some complain and others praise
But I’ve no idea why they say
What they say to my face
For I’ve no idea how I look this day

In wonder I sought a looking glass
Desperate to know what it is I project
This turned out to be a difficult task
I sought a picture with me the subject

I went to my mom and asked for a view
Who else would know me deeper
Than the woman who birthed me through?
I cried at what I found, no better.

She reflected an image to me in brokenness
She held up a mirror and let me gaze
The shattered pieces showed a mess
I couldn’t make out myself in the haze

Still hurt and confused and lost
I asked my wife my best friend
To help me see myself at any cost
I needed to know myself before the end

So she too invited me to look and see
Gladly she wanted to help and fix
Let me look in the mirror she held up to me
Her mirror too was cracked, ugliness it depicts

Feeling worse than ever I looked to my father
Tortured and twisted his mind became
His words were nonsense and his thoughts a quagmire
He was fading and was increasingly insane

Still I wanted to know if he had insight
Whether he could help me find my path
Alas his words were scared, full of fright
His life a failure, broken with cancer’s wrath

Once more I tried desperately to find
A person, anyone, who could help me see
My way out of a cage, out of my binds
My soul ached, cried and screamed to be free

A person gentle and warm and caring
Gave me rest, held me as pain passed
Then uncovered her mirror for my viewing
That image too frightened me, her mirror I smashed

Alone I was left with no one but me
Still wanting to know myself, my need
At last I lifted up my own mirror to see
What I saw took away any glee

I too was broken, shattered into pieces
Distorted and ugly was the man staring back
I screamed at the horror as pain increases
Seeing there was nothing, nothing but lack.
I was completely shattered
Shattered into pieces

Freedom for some

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I parallel poem I wrote for Black History Month

I am a white man.
I am a black man.
I am a free man.
I am told where I can eat, drink, sit, and even pee.
I am loved by all.
Some love me, but others hate me.
I want to serve my country.
I want to serve my country.

The Army drafted me to fight.
I had to fight to get into the Army.
They trained me and called me a soldier.
They spit on me and called me a nigger.
The men around me were my brothers.
The men around me were closer than brothers.
I fought in France and felt like a hero.
In France they treated me like a hero.

I was proud of my service, fighting for freedom.
I was proud of my service, but I don’t know what I fought for.
I came home and they called me a hero.
I came home and they called me a nigger.
I love my country and my country loves me.
I love my country, but my country doesn’t love me.
The USA is still the land of the free.
They give freedom to some, but not to me.

Love like a storm


Love is like a storm on the open seas.
The vast open waters, the wind and waves.
Sailing on it is never with much ease.
You can sail without seeing land for days.

So why then would anyone ever sail?
There is so much danger, why take the risk?
Of being tossed about by a fierce gale.
Or the ship breaking up in the abyss.

The danger causes many to stay home.
Many never leave safe waters of port.
They are too afraid to ever go roam.
They long for the safety of the king’s court.

So only the sailors can ever know.
The golden streets of lost Eldorado.

Flashback Friday: Falling Stars

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Ahhh…high school poems

I gaze longingly above,
Towards the vast stars; I love,
To hold, the hand of such is bliss;
In losing that feeling, I would miss
My soul, falls lifelessly,
As driftwood, floating aimlessly.

Just once would I like,
For a star to take flight,
And fall from the majestic sky,
And behold it to mine eye.
Fall to my world bright star,
I can see you, not so far.

My Cannibal

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Claw me, bite me, tear my flesh
Gnaw and chew my tenderness
I knew you were a cannibal
A strong and prowling animal
But when we kissed your fangs vanished
You were no longer thirsty, famished
Gently and softly we laid together
Promised to love and hold on forever
Happy we were in love and peace
No need to bite, no need to feast
But I got up and turned away
When you just wanted me to stay
At first you whimpered and whined
But that could only last for a time
You remembered your claws and attacked
Piercing my heart, ripping my back
Please know I don’t blame you though
Even now, bleeding, I love you so

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