Are you my friend or foe?
How can I exactly know?
You come to me with advice,
with hopes and promises nice.
So I follow you somewhere,
but what do I find there?
A celebration with food and drink,
so much fun I had no need to think.
All night I sang and drank and danced.
Soaking up all the affection and romance.
It seemed like the night would never end,
while I was with her my beloved friend.
At last I fell asleep in her arms.
Felt so safe and far from harm.

The sun rose and brought its light,
chasing away the remnants of night.
Birds sang a sweet sobering song,
and I wondered had love steered me wrong.
Where am I and how did I arrive?
I wasn’t sure to my surprise.
So I asked love to help me understand.
Love said nothing was ever planned.
That things just happened that way.
It is what it is, or so they say.
It was nothing you could control,
there was nothing could stop my soul,
from searching and finding its mate.
It was mystic forces, it was fate.