Devil with a Halo

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I wrote this in high school. Interesting reading things I wrote then and wondering what was going through my head

For those who live in the bustle of the law,
Years and years through rock you did claw,
To see the smiles on the faces of Ma and Pa,
Do you ever think of all the blood you draw?

Pouring out words like no tomorrow,
No thought to the lies that you borrow,
If paid you would surely kill a sparrow,
In the mirror you look like a devil with a halo.

You’re going down hard and fast,
Maybe we’ll be obliged to give you the gas,
To save those who kill we’ll hold a mass,
But you will only be a thought in the past.


The Rock

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Always it’s there
Strong and immovable
Though wind and waves crash against it
It stands the test of time everlasting
Through good times and bad you endured
SO tough, strong and fearless
You’re always there
My Dadd

Goodbye Pornography

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An acrostic poem

Please don’t take it personal
Or think I don’t appreciate
Really though, please don’t call
No longer I want what you make
On my own I can handle my pain
G rowing beyond our adolescent bond
Relying on myself, my beast is tame
Although I know I was really fond
Power you had to calm my emotions
Helped me deal with stress and commotion
You’re holding me back from forward motion

Goodbye pornography
maybe I’ll visit one day

Olivia’s Birthday poem (six years old)

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Happy Birthday my sweet girl
You’re more precious to me than pearl
your amazing laugh
your glowing soul
your beautiful smile
You my love are already growing so big
Just yesterday you were a tiny sprig
you grow
you run
you play
Such a beautiful your spirit
Warms all those who come near it
You’re so rough
so tumble
so strong
But you want Daddy to hold you in his arms
I’ll hold you always my sweet, Keep you from harm

Flashback Friday: Riding the Power

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Another High School poem…ahhh…those were the days…

So vast and wide, the ocean
Could kill a man in a single motion
Still some find the insane notion
To ride the serge of the giant waves
Cutting like a razor, beyond brave
Over and over they glide on the tears
Of the lost dead, can have no fears
Beware the waves don’t swallow you in years
To come, for a cold hand might someday
Grip your leg and rip you from your stay
Ice will over take your healthy lungs,
Choking salt water, your life cannot be hung
Onto, But ride well my friend
I beg you only to begin to comprehend
That the power can bring to us all, the end.

Never Felt Love

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Well hello there,

It’s always the same.
Too afraid and scared of change.
Fortress full of possessions.
You built a material mansion.
In it you feel safe and sound.
No where signs of love are found.
No relations with your family.
The things you stockpile for company.
Drive everyday to your shop.
So proud of something we know is a flop.
Yet you brag to all who listen.
Always say ohw bad business has been.
Still you’re there every day.
No having it any other way.
Too proud to admit your shop a failure.
Not willing to stop calling yourself pioneer.
I served my country with honor.
You never cared except to brag to a customer.
I married and had your great grandchildren.
By you’re more worried how a dog is feeling.
You said each time I did everything right.
Till I didn’t, you haven’t called since that night.
The man you named the Rock suffered, died.
But you couldn’t come up to say goodbye.
When we talked I could never object.
You’d always stop me, say it was disrespect.
So many gifts, expensive and brand new.
Grandma one thing I’ve never felt from you,

Fat Tuesday Limerick


Lent is the time we find something to quit
So our hearts to God we can better commit
we all can be more holy
and feel more godly
But today’s fat Tuesday so show me your tits!

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