Ok so here is the first one…it doesn’t really help except it sets the tone for the subsequent “Licking my wounds” poems

Oh how I ache!
Body bruised and broken
Heart in similar shape

I can hardly breathe
Sucking air in quick scared gasps
Suffocating, my soul bleeds

I’m blinded by fear
That more wounds will come
That more hurts will appear

Body is covered in scars
Where did they all come from?
As numerous as stars

Mostly from those I loved
They were supposed to comfort me
I tried to draw near, but got shoved

My heart not broken, shattered.
When all I wanted was to love
Instead I was beaten and battered

My soul cries out in pain
Longing for healing and safety
Afraid I have loved in vain

So much hurt, mind blacks out
It’s the only way to continue on
Fills me with self hate, doubt

All too much, overwhelmed
One more wound may be too much
I have to take care of myself

So I need a moment or two
Please let me be for now
In order to lick my wounds