Young ruddy boy, sandy blond hair
Waiting in the driveway for Uncle to get there

So many happy memories of playing and laughing
The boy missed his uncle since moving

Uncle travels home after another adventure
With tales to tell and stories to share

Sandy haired boy waits in the hot summer sun
Longing for uncle to arrive for some fun

Uncle called, he’s on his way to nephew
Asking mom, dad “how many minutes?” “A few”

Time passes, boy rides his bike in the driveway
Why isn’t uncle here? Was there a wreck on the highway?

Boy is loyal and sits on the painted wood fence
Too many minutes go by no sign of Uncle’s presence

Doesn’t Uncle know we have pizza just for him?
Boy waits, sun setting, for Uncle to drive in

Mom comes out to tell boy Uncle just called
Yay! Is he nearly there? Why has he stalled?

Uncle is not coming as tears formed in boy’s eyes
But he just called! Said he was near. Coming by.

Yes, yes, but Uncle changed his mind you see
He did? He was near. Didn’t he have time for me?

Uncle why didn’t you come visit? I missed you so.
Yes but Uncle was tired, had a long trip you know?

No I don’t know. All I know was I loved you.
I know you didn’t do what you said you’d do.

Boy cried and cried and felt hurt by Uncle
So many things boy wanted to say so many to show

That day boy learned something very painful
Boy learned that uncle said he loved but was unreliable