Well hello there,

It’s always the same.
Too afraid and scared of change.
Fortress full of possessions.
You built a material mansion.
In it you feel safe and sound.
No where signs of love are found.
No relations with your family.
The things you stockpile for company.
Drive everyday to your shop.
So proud of something we know is a flop.
Yet you brag to all who listen.
Always say ohw bad business has been.
Still you’re there every day.
No having it any other way.
Too proud to admit your shop a failure.
Not willing to stop calling yourself pioneer.
I served my country with honor.
You never cared except to brag to a customer.
I married and had your great grandchildren.
By you’re more worried how a dog is feeling.
You said each time I did everything right.
Till I didn’t, you haven’t called since that night.
The man you named the Rock suffered, died.
But you couldn’t come up to say goodbye.
When we talked I could never object.
You’d always stop me, say it was disrespect.
So many gifts, expensive and brand new.
Grandma one thing I’ve never felt from you,