Why are you so far?
While I guard my bleeding heart?
I try to heal and live again.
But you don’t want to call me kin?

So I am an orphan.
Father dead and mother lost.
How I could use a hand.
You’re unwilling to pay the cost.

I want your love and affection.
your attention
your relation
your devotion

Why do you leave me in need?
though you disagree
can’t you see?
why do you flee?

Don’t you care how I’m doing?
am I thriving?
or am I dying?
you aren’t asking

Was I not your loyal son?
the first born one
always so much fun
there for anyone

You’ve chosen to shun and ignore.
Letting me suffer alone and dejected.
Even turning me out of your door.
How can I feel anything but rejected?

Yet you say that you will always love me.
That you merely think my decisions are wrong.
But turning your back on one in pain isn’t family.
And leaves me searching for a new place to belong.