Epic of the desolation of Orc Hoards

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The Sureshot

Long ago five heroes took up a quest
To defend their homeland from invaders
Nobel and just the heroes gave us hope
For honor and clan Battlefate they fought
Thoradin, priest of Moradin, healer
Freyr, swordmage, defender of the weak
Ferdinand the Bull, fighting with his fists
Deisa smashes with ax and hammer both
Guter dark and ugly, mask hides his face
Together they were a group of heroes

Goblins and giants invaded the land
Slaughtering dwarves and spreading wickedness
An affront to everything the dwarves love
They were a scourge to the dwarf homeland
Invaded the mighty Battlefate Hall
And conquered the great dwarven citadel
Enslaving and murdering the proud dwarves
They spread their plague beyond the mountain halls
Assaulted dwarven city Konigsberg
Encircling and besieging the dwarf home

The dwarves tried to find allies to help them
A call to arms went out from Konigsberg
A plea for…

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Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman carried me
Picked me up, set me on my feet

She flew to me when enemies surrounded
Protected me when I couldn’t fly, was grounded

She dressed my wounds and helped me mend
Without her I may have come to the end

Stronger I grew as she nursed me to health
She loved me and helped me love myself

Wonder woman helped my heart love again
Always there with me, always a friend

We fell deeply in love with one another
Each in strength, super, together

Flying and fighting, living and loving
All obstacles we faced reduced to nothing

How blessed was I that Wonder Woman
would lend me her strength, affection

My body and heart forever better
For they were touched by Woman Wonder.

Sawyer Birthday Poem (2014)

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Happy Birthday my baby boy
You bring both trouble and joy

So happy and busy and free
You run around like a crazy monkey

Crawling, running, jumping and climbing
Always learning, laughing and loving

Such a busy boy, always in mischief
So bright and curious you are a gift

A beautiful sapling growing ever stronger
I’ll water you with love and joyful showers

And watch you grow into a strong mighty tree
Proud and tall you’ll stand next to me

Grow my son and learn to love ever more
Know that Daddy is here, always I’ll adore

Flashback Friday: Change of Clothes


I haven’t read this is a decade…it made me chuckle

A woman of stature enters
Tall and elegant she glides
What is it though, at the center?
Her beautiful, sparkling dress hides
The black ugliness is on the inside.

No one can see through her style
She is a glimmering example of perfection
An illness has infected her for awhile
Still her clothes make look like a confection
I appall her brilliant deception.

Welcome Pain

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Pain there you are!
I wondered where you’ve been
Seems like you went on vacation

Welcome back!
I missed the way you make me ache
Now once more I can quiver and shake

Why did you leave?
All I had for comfort was hope and joy
All day laughing and smiling like a boy

No matter, you’re back!
We can now continue this journey
Hand in hand through the sound and the fury

My constant companion.
You comfort me when I am unsure
No matter what ails me you are the cure

I missed you so.
I can rely on you to be there for me
Others came and went, you’re there constantly

So please stay!
I welcome you now to stay a while
My oldest friend, since I was a child

Birthday Poem: Madelyn 2014

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Has ten years gone by?
Since you opened your eyes?
And I held you for the first time.
And knew that you were always mine.

How quickly the days and years pass.
And each one slips quickly to the past.
Still I recall you playing in the bath.
And watching you run through the grass.

You continue to impress and amaze me.
I love the way you feel for those in need.
And I know how amazing you can be.
So much more to come, I can’t wait to see.

I love you so my daughter, my first born.
As beautiful and amazing as a summer storm.
Drops of golden sun your hair adorn.
Like a gorgeous rose without the thorns.

I love you my daughter, my baby girl.
Always sing and laugh, dance and twirl.
Precious to me like a clam and his pearl.
No other like you in all of the world.