Has ten years gone by?
Since you opened your eyes?
And I held you for the first time.
And knew that you were always mine.

How quickly the days and years pass.
And each one slips quickly to the past.
Still I recall you playing in the bath.
And watching you run through the grass.

You continue to impress and amaze me.
I love the way you feel for those in need.
And I know how amazing you can be.
So much more to come, I can’t wait to see.

I love you so my daughter, my first born.
As beautiful and amazing as a summer storm.
Drops of golden sun your hair adorn.
Like a gorgeous rose without the thorns.

I love you my daughter, my baby girl.
Always sing and laugh, dance and twirl.
Precious to me like a clam and his pearl.
No other like you in all of the world.