Flashback Friday: Stream of Beauty

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The golden dew falls from the dark sky,
Calmly collected in a pool of your eye;
The tiny ignorant violator will sadly cry,
For yours is the soul that will fly,
He grows old and ugly and slowly dies,
while the world patiently watches and sighs.

A warm and tingling feeling flows,
Through your body from your head to toes,
The wise and insightful see and know,
Stinging sweet sweat drips at your nose,
Into a cool softly flowing stream it goes,
Your beauty is stunning, I propose,
a union?


Pull My Strings

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Pull my strings
Make me dance
I’ll shower you with romance

Pull my strings
And make me say
Whatever you want to hear today

Pull my strings
Don’t let me feel
I know my emotions make you ill

Pull my strings
Make me promise
To bury the things I wanted

Pull my strings
Don’t give me space
I just may decide to leave this place

Pull my strings
Tell me how
Exactly how to feel right now

Pull my strings
Don’t let me be
Who I really am inside of me

Pull my strings
Keep saying no
To what I want, where to go

Pull my strings
Out of fear
Fear that I’ll get out of here

Pull my strings
You know best
Don’t let me live or let me rest

Pull my strings
You need control
To feel secure, safe, whole

Pull my strings
I’m your puppet
Not your equal, just your subject

Pull my strings
Put on a show
So none can see, none will know

Pull my strings
But now you’ll find
I’m no longer in your bind

The Kings Won the Cup!

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I wish you could have seen them!
Down three games to none in the first round
They battled back, refused to stay down
Calm and collected in face of elimination
Seven times they survived with determination
Sweating bleeding, cursing game after game
Battling night after night to live up to their name
Fans cheering and howling going crazy
To see their team lift the trophy of Lord Stanley
Didn’t matter who they faced off against
Sharks and Ducks, Hawks and Rangers–no chance
Against the Kings of Los Angeles, Dadd’s tea
It was sweet, bittersweet to have seen
When in double overtime, exhausted they scored
I cried, for them, for you, lifting the cup once more
I trust that you saw them
Looking down from heaven.