My son, let me hold you close and

stroke your messy blond hair.

Gripping you tight, I want to hold

you forever and always give you care.

So sweet and sensitive my boy

you cannot stand by and allow injustice.

In you a fire simmers and occasionally

rages as you explode in a righteous outburst.

Railing against those who lie or slander

like a great defender of the weak, a knight.

Gentle nature not prone to raise a fist

yet when bullies jeer you’re there to fight.

My heart swells and eyes tear to hear you tell

of your time spent with kind Maxine.

On the surface not the strongest or

the bravest, your great strength unseen.

I love you so and I’m so proud to

be your dad now and forever.

For you and your siblings a drive

moves me always to deserve to be your father.