As a man lay dying, everyone reacted
No thought, just instinct enacted
Grief, sorrow, despair over us descended
As he breathed raspy breaths and his life ended

In that moment and the ones that came after
Conflicts grew, sparks turned into fire
Egos wounded, feelings hurt, tempers flare
All worried most about themselves not what’s fair

But I cannot hold on to these hurts any longer
They do not serve me nor honor my father
So I let got even if they are said in anger
And hope everyone else can get over their bothers

Don’t like that my mom said goodbye?
You’re not the only one who cared he died.

Mad that I spent time with her later?
Really? With my mother?

Upset my sister brought sentimental things home?
But ready to ransack your mother’s own.

Thanking God for answering our prayers?
He didn’t head my cares.

Hurt you didn’t get to be by his bed as he died?
Care about me? Or only your pride?

Bitter for volunteering to avoid the service?
What did I do to deserve this?

I’ve a drinking problem for three beers that night?
You definitely don’t have that right.

My Dadd is dying, you say he’s disappointed with me?
Leave me alone. You can’t love me.

I’m getting you coffee as he draws his last breath?
I wished it was you called by death.

Bragging that you convinced him to change his benefactor?
You’ll burn in hell for ever after.

Sent me a picture of your check for his death?
You’re an empty shell, with nothing left.

Don’t tell me how to handle my Dadd’s death
You don’t know the pain I deal with
Or how badly he is missed
Your love is conditional but judgement is quick

I’m working to remove my anger from the shelf
Do what Dadd said and, “worry about yourself”