Me (By Olivia)

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This poem was written by my second grader! Super proud of my Olivia

Me and Me are so alike
We both very like to ride a bike

Me and Me are so the same
We both like the very same game

We live in the very same house
We wear the very same blouse

We like to play
all day

We will be the same together


Memorial Day 2015


A flag raised high fluttering in the wind calls
And begs that some defend its colors
Far from the theaters and shopping malls
Men and women support each other

And the heat of desert sand or jungle rain
Stinging the souls of those who answered
So many would run, but our heroes remain
Enemies jeering, our soldiers undeterred

Explosions and bullets a tornado of death
Seeking to extinguish the fire in our lives
That monster of war stole some of their breath
Some of our heroes sacrificed and died

Yet they live in our hearts and in our minds
We cannot forget that they lived for us
Never let go of the love that binds
Though all flesh melts, bones turn to dust

Hiding the storm

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A storm rages and rains, wind blows and swirls

Trees are uprooted and branches broken

Homes wrecked wounding little boys and girls

Never an ill word of the storm is spoken

Lives ever shattered pretend all is well

Though hurts run deep into each soul

Fear gripping each victim like a magical spell 

Masks on all keeping appearance the goal

No one can know the damage the storm wrought 

The hollowed out souls who act like normal

Broken boards, crumbled foundations on each lot

Never able to support a happy home at all

But pretending was the goal, never admit the storm

Each carrying his own burden silently the norm


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Very nice poem from another writer

Shawn L. Bird

I do not know what to do

about your screams.

It seems you plunge

to unplumbable depths

and I do not know

how to swim.

The mists of melancholy

shroud the waters

coat you in agony

fog reason and

I fear I am not lighthouse

enough to guide you home.

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Sawyer’s Birthday Poem 2015

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As clouds swirled and rain poured
Grey and thick deluge drowning me
Anger and rage pelting in the storm
Blinded, beaten, exhausted no end could I see

You were a ray of light in the eye of the storm
Hope incarnate, love wrapped in a blanket
I loved you even before you were born
Though you hadn’t given me anything yet

I didn’t need anything from you
You were mine and I would give you my love
Brought you forth from the womb
Another perfect gift from above

I’ll hold your hand and run by your side
Kiss your head and stroke your hair
I’ll be your father and lovingly be your guide
You will always be my son, my baby bear

Mother’s Day Poem 2015


Mothers love
you hate
Mothers heal
you hurt
Mothers give
you take
Mothers nurture
you suffocate
Mothers hold
you crush
Mothers feed
you starve
Mothers support
you gossip
Mothers accept
you judge
Mothers remain
you left
Mothers sacrifice
you horded
Mothers forgive
you resent
Mothers understand
you blame
Mothers advise
you criticise
Mother are strong
you are weak
Mothers are wonderful
you are not one

Madelyn’s Birthday Poem 2015

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My first born baby so small and sweet
A joy to every person you meet
Full of care, compassion and love
Face as fair as that of a dove
Yet so strong you ride like the wind
On the back of your horse to win
Soaring through life ever achieving more
With your talents and drive so much in store
I look forward to loving and supporting you
Helping when you are bogged down to get through
I held you as you took your first breaths
I’ll love you for all of the rest

Happy Birthday Madelyn.
Daddy loves you always.