Poor Steve
he had a leach suck him dry
drink his blood
then slip away
leaving him sore, drained, depressed

Poor Jeff
he had a leach attached to him
it made him sick
took his soul
left him broke, hurt, drunk

Poor Wally
he had a leach called his daughter
it stole his money
dumped him in a home
left him to die alone and didn’t care

Poor Phillip
raised by a leach
begged him for money
then begged him for more
left him when he wouldn’t let the leach stay

Poor ex in law
invited the leach
so bitter and angry
letting the leach in
in order to feel better about herself

Poor leach
how hard it must be
to be so dependent
always looking for the next body to feed from

Poor leach
don’t attach to me
I’ll burn you off
you bring me nothing but pain and misery