TBT: My Rifle

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Ugh, so lame, but another TBT poem from my youth…

I love my rifle.
Its’ long thick barrel,
It could catch a can,
In my nimble hand.
I clean my Rifle often.

When the cries of battle sound,
My rifle will be ready to pound,
And fire when the heat is in my sight,
Superbly will my Rifle help me fight,
Because I clean it every night.

After the passion of battle,
My heart rate and breath level.
I will smile with pleasure,
For my drastic measures,
Now I will continue to clean, my Rifle.


Sawyer’s Birthday poem 2016

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Sawyer Steven
My little cretin
Always jumpin’
Always dreamin’

Keeps me busy
Keeps me dizzy
A little mini
Copy of me

Swinging swords
Building forts
I’m never bored
With laughs galore

My youngest son
A special one
Lots of love and fun
Life’s only begun

Bless you dearly this day
I’ll always help your way
Love and laugh and play
Happy happy birthday

Ride Maddy Ride

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Ride Maddy Ride
Nothing can stop your energy
No one can take away your dreams
You can leap the fallen trees
And soar over the deep seas

Ride Maddy Ride
You gallop swifter than the wind
Life watches you with a grin
As there’s no challenge you cannot win
You continue strong until the end

Ride Maddy Ride
The world is beautiful and wild
Go out and explore it my child
Explore things enchanting and beguiled
Collect broad adventures piled

Ride Maddy Ride
Never forget to your heart be true
I support you through and through
Whoever you’ll be and whatever you’ll do
Daddy will always love you

Happy birthday my beautiful daughter