Love Like the Moon

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You’re like the moon my love
Shining brightly from above
Sometimes light, sometimes dark
Always beautiful to my heart
I long for you when you’re out of sight
Soak up your rays throughout the night
Always changing but always there
Even apart I feel you near
You comfort me in the night
Keep my heart free from fright
So radiant and divine
I’m so glad you are mine


Your Own Fire

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From the ashes you rose?
So happy and joyful with a new man
Another wedding, a new set of vows
Back on track with your life plan

You blame me for ruining your life
Hold me responsible for the fire
Claim you were nothing but a good wife
Say I burned our marriage on a pyre

But you built the fire, log by log:

a log called disrespect
a log called control
a log called contempt
a log called dismissive
a log called sarcasm
a log called neglect
a log called demands
a log called unappreciated
a log called selfishness
a log called indifference

You made me take all the blame
Said it was all my lust and desire
While I may have set the flame
You are the one who built the fire

Tiny Miracle

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Today I noticed a flower so meek.
Through the heavy ground it did peek.
I thought of the grueling process it did take,
To show us its gleaming beauty, far from fake.

It pained me to think of all the people,
that find a flower less than a steeple,
And those who cut them to caress,
Ruining the tiny miracles brief but pleasant happiness.