Birthday Poem Landon

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Terrible dad, I forgot to post Landon’s birthday poem!!!

My loving Landon
Full of life
Love and laughter

You lift my spirits
With your hugs
Always happy after

When you smile
Love and beauty
Shine from your spirit

All who know you
Are drawn to your joy
All long to be near it

So tender and soft
Gentle touch and kisses
Just as a butterfly

Fluttering on clouds
Beautiful and free
Soaring in the sky

So proud to be
Your dad, your father
I’m with you always

Never leave you
Never betray you
For all remaining days


Morning Wake Up Poem

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Hello me, I’m glad you’re up
I Wanted to love you, to fill your cup

Because you’re worth it to me
And you are loved by your family

Your children cherish your warm embrace
Kind and gentle, you’re full of grace

They need you strong, stable and sure
Be their rock, steadfast and pure

Your smile warms hearts and lowers walls
Students light up as you walk the halls

When you joke and laugh, spirits rise
You change lives as you speak words so wise

Recognize the wounds done to you old and new
Remember, in spite of them, you flew

Never stop being who you are today
You’re amazing, don’t let anyone otherwise say

You are beautiful, a child of God
You cannot be anything you are not

Breath, blood, spirit, mind, all right
Rise now, head up, live your life

R.I.P. Toothless the lizard

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Spikes, spines, scales and teeth

Relic of prehistory

Our bearded dragon 

For my puppy Bilbo

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Run little puppy

Through tall grass covered in dew

Glide wonder dog glide