Bonus Birthday Poem for Eli: Champion

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Dragons roar
Bows bend
Steel swords sharply clang

Beasts in caves
Growl and snarl
Show their bloodied fangs

Battles rage
Enemies slain
And heroes succumb and fall

Damsels cry
In deep distress
A champion they call

Arrows fly
Tipped with flame
Deep into the night

Sending all
From their homes
Scurrying with fright

Who will help?
The meek and mild
Survive through the dark

Stop the world
From being torn
Savagely apart

Elijah will
Brave and strong
Protect those in need

Noble and pure
His sword will set
The innocent free


Elijah Birthday Poem 11/10/2016

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When justice is threatened
You are there
When someone needs a friend
You are there
When your brothers need help
You are there
When there’s work to be done
You are there
When there’s fun to be had
You are there
When soccer’s being played
You are there
When a book needs reading
You are there
When the bullied need a champion
You are there
When there’s bridges to be built
You are there

I will always love you my son
All the days my life’s race is run

When My Baby’s Sick

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My love is ill today

I wish to take her aches away

So she can laugh and play

And be happy, light and gay

So let me rub your feet

Soothing words I’ll speak

Prepare you food to eat

And a sweet, tasty treat

Soft kisses on your head

Hold you tight in bed

Bring you a drink and meds

To fight the pain you dread

I’ll stay with you through

Any mean cold or flu

What you want I’ll do

Until you’re back to you