TBT In Flight

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through the dark black sky.
over the tiny world below.
Gliding ,
across huge, crushing, currents.
with the endless wind.
past great flashes of lightning.
the thin atmosphere.
on the tranquil white clouds.
everyday, one at a time.
with the unpredictable weather.

It will take you where you want to go.


The Noise

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So much noise

PA calling a student to the office

Chess pieces crashing to the floor

Languages I don’t understand 

I can’t handle much more

While just trying to settle my spirit

And hear the soothing music

But too many curses and shouts

Drown the sweet sounds out 

So much noise 

A little rhyme for my valentine

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Will you be mine?
My Valentine?
Not just today but all the time?

Hold my hand and I’ll be fine
we can sip wine
as we dine

Please be mine
my valentine

Valentines day poem for my wife

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I once thought that I knew love
Sadly found I knew not what it was

Until I fell for you as we danced in dark
Now my heart longs for you when we’re apart

Your love fills me with joy everlasting
In the warm rays of your adoration basking

Swear to hold you tight as if gripping life
Always filled with pride to call you wife

To love you with all my heart and soul
Cherish you like precious stones and gold

Super Bowl

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It’s super bore time!
When we all get together
And pretend that football is entertaining

We’ll pick a side
Explain why
Based on more than feeling than anything

So why do we do this every year?
It certainly isn’t for the sport
Nor for the competition, lacking

Perhaps it is for the social aspect
A chance to get with friends
With lots of food and lots of drinking

Others claim it is commercials
That compel them to watch
Slaves to billion-dollar advertising

Maybe it’s culture
A national past time
Compelling us to Super Bowl watching

I think some just hate
That their team is out
So sit and say sour things sulking

Or the pageantry perhaps
The half-time show’s the best
Shows of the greatest singing and dancing

Tomorrow many conversations
Surrounding the game
And endless analyzing

Enjoy the game
And your friends
But a good game would be surprising

TBT: Parasite

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Seems I was very down on people in high school. Enjoy:

Without a doubt we are the most evil.
Not even snakes, cobras, and such compare.
We are a greater nuisance than a bear.
We are more slimy than a giant eel.
We are not half as cute as baby seals.
A lion’s mane’s far better than our hair.
In some respects a bat is less a scare.
While some are in the street we eat big meals.
We cut down trees for our so-called big needs.
We kill each other for no reason at all.
Do we pause, think t plant a few small seeds?
Do we decide to pay for our fatal
Deeds? We all grow like weeds from gardens, Earth.
We are a thorn in Mother’s side; parasite.

Taylor’s Birthday Poem 2017

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In a world of yelling and noise
You bring peaceful quiet
When most prefer watching and pointing
You read and write
Many hustle, bustle, huff and puff
You take a restful nap
With much barking and howling of dogs
You’re a watchful cat
Far too many swell their chest and boast
You look within and know
Herds run whichever way fear directs
You’re wise enough not to go
Whole gardens have been choked by weeds
You’ve grown healthy and free
Groups forsake sight and choose blindness
You decided it’s important to see
It has been a great blessing to be
Part of your life
And I’m proud that for ever more
Your mother will be my wife
I celebrate all of the talks, chats and
Adventures we’ve had
More than any other honor
I’m grateful to be your dad