It’s super bore time!
When we all get together
And pretend that football is entertaining

We’ll pick a side
Explain why
Based on more than feeling than anything

So why do we do this every year?
It certainly isn’t for the sport
Nor for the competition, lacking

Perhaps it is for the social aspect
A chance to get with friends
With lots of food and lots of drinking

Others claim it is commercials
That compel them to watch
Slaves to billion-dollar advertising

Maybe it’s culture
A national past time
Compelling us to Super Bowl watching

I think some just hate
That their team is out
So sit and say sour things sulking

Or the pageantry perhaps
The half-time show’s the best
Shows of the greatest singing and dancing

Tomorrow many conversations
Surrounding the game
And endless analyzing

Enjoy the game
And your friends
But a good game would be surprising