Olivia’s Birthday Poem 2017

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I couldn’t capture your vitality if I tried
You’re far too free to ever be tied

A painter has not enough colors on his pallet
To copy the essence of your spirit

Too bright you shine when you’re just being you
Your life glows with a beautiful golden hew

No one can match your creativity and zest
All those who know you and love you are blessed

A young lady full of promise, hope and love
Laughter, charm and wit you’re never short of

I’ll protect always the brightness in your eyes
So you may always fly free in the skies


Tbt: Wimp

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I realize I’ve something lacking.You say it is my gut relaxing.

I believe it’s my mind still turning.

That stops my heart always burning.

If you lose patience and move on,

I cannot blame you for your action.

I’m a wimp and a coward at that.

All I’ve done so far is sat.

But please remember my lack of time,

That I’ve invested in women divine.

For surely I will come around.

I just pray that when I do it’s you I’ve found.