Birthday Poem for Matt

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One of my students has been asking for a birthday poem all year. His birthday was this month so this is what I wrote him. 

Happy birthday!

You’re a man now

Go out in the world

And make it somehow
Some days will be tough

Others wonderful

Sometimes life’s exciting 

But other times it’s dull
Just be yourself and strive

To always grow and learn

Stay steady on the road of life

Navigate the twists and turns
Don’t ever be afraid to fail

Nor of being heartbroken

Hurts, hurdles and losses

Are the way we keep growing 
Be true to yourself and brace

Carry on no matter what happens

Be strong through storms

And you’ll find love, success and happiness


TBT: Women

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A woman surely made of sugar and spice

She is very very nice,

Never has she a harsh word

Her voice is like the song of a bird,

A woman you can only love

She’s as beautiful as a snow white dove,

An inspiration to us all

She will catch you if you fall,

And every time I am near her

It’s all I can do, not to love her further.

TBT: Finnish Flower

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So many Flowers in the garden looking their best,

But one stands out amongst the rest.

One is a little brighter shade of red,

And stood up taller in the Flower bed.

It was a Finnish flower that stood so tall,

So cute and fair like a babies doll.

Still it was elegant and strong,

Like a meadowlarks summer song.

Its’ stem was slender and long.

This Flower, it had nothing with it wrong.

I wished it would to me belong.

So beautiful in form and style.

And its’ sent was bitter, sweet and sour

Together tranquilly and forever and a while.

Until death will I part from my Finnish Flower.

A Lament for the Dodgers

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Oh, Dodgers how I love you
I will love you evermore

Even though your lack of winning
Has made me very sore

Yes, four West titles are grand
A very nice accomplishment

Yet no world series victory
Since Ronald Reagan president

I was but a lad when last the blue
Hoisted the beflagged trophy

Years now of enduring through
Poor trades and wastes of money

Meanwhile the enemy has won
Three times in a mere five years

Forced to watch and wish them ill
In agony I wiped away my tears

You have the greatest pitcher
Of this modern baseball age

Kershaw is a wonder to watch
As he racks up tens of Ks

Now rookie of the year!
Seager is a marvel

A silver slugger as well
So young, so much potential

Still the struggle and still the strife
Every game is a scramble

For a rotation to pitch through six
BAs against lefties a shamble

Still I don my Dodger Blue
Defend my team to the enemy

So many mocking jabs and jeers
They insult and laugh at me

Please Dodgers I need you to improve
Beat the D-Backs Rocks and Giants

Find a groove, a roll, a swing
Bring home some more pennants

And in October don’t let me down
Beat the mighty Cubs

Prove to me and everyone
You are the greatest club

I’ll bleed blue till the day I die
I’ll never give up hope

So please find a way to win
And bring the trophy home

Right and Left and Wrong

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Right throws stones to Left
Who in turns throws stones to Right
And hurl them back so swift
With all their mustered might

To win the argument
They exchange insults and slurs
Much to the detriment
Of relationships for years

Still, somehow, the hateful rain
Of anger swelling from deep within
Causing wounds and scars and pain
Ever lasting with no peaceful end

While few problems are ever solved
Life drums on much as always
Major issues are never resolved
As we hurry down life’s freeways

Hungry have little food to eat
Children continue to cry at night
Budgets with no money to meet
Nations, religions, races still fight

But Left will say they are Right
And Right keeps fighting on
They battle on with no end in sight
Not knowing that each is wrong

Put aside the bickering and fighting
We’ve become too angry and bitter
The hateful words are blinding
Let’s not worry about right or left, but better

Haiku: Fragile

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Life is strong as glass
Yet shatters in a moment
Leaving broken shards

Morning Poem 

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Just enjoying the sunshine this morning and thought of this little rhyme:
No matter events of the night

Morning comes with new light

Shedding warmth across the world

A chance to grow a chance to build

Birds singing songs of joy in trees

The world provides for all our needs

If we let go of pride greed and vanity

We can live in peace and harmony 

And when night comes again with fear

Be strong for dawn is ever near