Right throws stones to Left
Who in turns throws stones to Right
And hurl them back so swift
With all their mustered might

To win the argument
They exchange insults and slurs
Much to the detriment
Of relationships for years

Still, somehow, the hateful rain
Of anger swelling from deep within
Causing wounds and scars and pain
Ever lasting with no peaceful end

While few problems are ever solved
Life drums on much as always
Major issues are never resolved
As we hurry down life’s freeways

Hungry have little food to eat
Children continue to cry at night
Budgets with no money to meet
Nations, religions, races still fight

But Left will say they are Right
And Right keeps fighting on
They battle on with no end in sight
Not knowing that each is wrong

Put aside the bickering and fighting
We’ve become too angry and bitter
The hateful words are blinding
Let’s not worry about right or left, but better