TBT: Oak

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You stand outside my window,

You wave when I leave,

You wave when I arrive,

You watch me when I sleep.

You scare me in the night,

You scratch at my window,

You knock at my wall,

You howl in the wind,

Sometimes you’re my friend

And sometimes you’re a fiend.


When my baby has bad dreams

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Rest my son, I’ll help you sleep
You need to rest, to breath in deep
Do not fear the dreams that scare
I’m here for you to love and care
I’ll fight the monsters in the dark
Let me remove pain in your heart
There’s no need for you to be afraid
I’ll never leave you or forsake
All my might and all my strength
I’ll muster to make sure you’re safe
Daddy’s here now and always
I’ll get you through this dark maze
And we will laugh and jump for joy
I will never stop protecting my baby boy

Trips with kids: Limerick 

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I love summers with children transporting
On trips to theme parks adoring
But when they start to whine
About how much longer the time
It makes me prefer waterboarding

To Be a Child In Summer

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Summer sun so hot and burning
Doesn’t slow the children yearning
To play and laugh and swim all day
Until their heads they slowly lay
Down to rest and dream all night
In morning swim again they might
So careless, free and joyful they are
While adults toil to pay the house and car
Oh to be a child innocent and free
Even for one more summer’s eve
Of hotdogs, watermelon and swimming
Adulthood is nice but childhood is living

Summer in Fresno Limerick

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Everyone loves the summer
No other season is funner
But here in Fresno
Where it’s an inferno
We sizzle like bacon as we suffer