The sun rises to unveil the world
The hurts and pains there revealed
As I drive along in my car
So many are left walking far

A mother clutching a wide eyed baby
Walking while it stares ahead blankly
Where are you going all alone?
To a doctors office or back home?

A young man, long hair, tank top
Eyes scanning, ever watching for a cop?
Are you in need of a chance, a job?
Or looking for someone weak to rob?

An old man shuffles slow and steady
Eyes sunken deep, vision is cloudy
What have you seen through your years?
Has your life been filled with joy or tears?

A woman dressed in scrubs for work
The heat already raining on your shirt
You have a job but no car to drive?
Most likely just trying to survive

I see you all walking about this morn
Too many faces dried, beaten and worn
My heart cries out for an answer
As the hot sun tries to kill you like a cancer