Birthday Poem Landon

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Terrible dad, I forgot to post Landon’s birthday poem!!!

My loving Landon
Full of life
Love and laughter

You lift my spirits
With your hugs
Always happy after

When you smile
Love and beauty
Shine from your spirit

All who know you
Are drawn to your joy
All long to be near it

So tender and soft
Gentle touch and kisses
Just as a butterfly

Fluttering on clouds
Beautiful and free
Soaring in the sky

So proud to be
Your dad, your father
I’m with you always

Never leave you
Never betray you
For all remaining days


Elijah Birthday Poem 2015

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My Baby Boy
Not a baby any more
So full of life and joy
Excited for what it has in store
Becoming a man from a boy

Like looking into a mirror for me
Many years ago when I was little
My spirit was crushed underneath
Torn apart, caught in the middle

So yours, my love, I’ll protect
I’ll fight for you again dangers
I’ll guard your innocent spirit
And comfort you when you’re in anger

You’re free, my son, to love life
Play and laugh, love and live
I’ll ensure you’re free from strife
All I have, to you I will give

Take my hand and feel safe
With me no one can steal your smile
We’ll laugh and sing as we race
I love you now and always my child

Sunny Soccer Saturday

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Green grass, Gatorade and goals

Shin guards, socks and shorts

Jerseys, juice and joy

Running, referees and relatives

Free kicks, friends and fun

Scrapes, snacks and scores

Half time, high fives and helping hands

Just another perfect sunny soccer Saturday.

Tea Party

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Cheers, clink, drink

Tea party with my precious daughter

Cheers, clink, drink

Sipping juice and eating toast with her

Cheers, clink, drink

Chatting and talking about whatever

Cheers, clink, drink

Music filling the room from her CD player

Cheers, clink, drink

Pink heart blanket covering the floor

Cheers, clink, drink

Stuffed animal friends add to the décor

Cheers, clink, drink

Cute little tea pot she can pour

Cheers, clink, drink

I love her now and for evermore

Though one ping of sadness pierced my soul
When I realized my sweet girl will grow old

And perhaps one day won’t want to sip tea
On the floor, pink heart blanket, with me

Today however I smile and laugh heartily
Chatting, eating at our own tea party

Madelyn’s Poem in 5th grade

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Forgiving unconditional
Listening trusting Reasoning
Horses Heart Time Outdoors
Understanding feelings Respecting
Loving Forgiving