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Many words in our language

To describe the things we experience

But only one of them can express

The love that you and I possess


A fire raging at times out of control

Yet forges ever stronger two souls

Burning bright in white searing heat

Together at last form one, complete


Like a storm at sea raging

Huge waves of power crashing

Swells rise and fall once more

Till they slide into the gentle shore


Wind howling through the night

Nothing can resist its might

Making trees bend and leaves fly

Our love moves clouds through the sky


Like flowers blooming brilliant bright

Soaking in warm sunlight

Sharing for all their loving beauty

So filled with love they inspire envy


I promise to always keep the fire

To keep you safe through storms dire

With you, soar on our love’s wing

Keep our love always blooming like Spring



A little rhyme for my valentine

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Will you be mine?
My Valentine?
Not just today but all the time?

Hold my hand and I’ll be fine
we can sip wine
as we dine

Please be mine
my valentine

Love Like the Moon

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You’re like the moon my love
Shining brightly from above
Sometimes light, sometimes dark
Always beautiful to my heart
I long for you when you’re out of sight
Soak up your rays throughout the night
Always changing but always there
Even apart I feel you near
You comfort me in the night
Keep my heart free from fright
So radiant and divine
I’m so glad you are mine

Never apart

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So many colors thoughts and images
Floating in and out through me like a stream
Stories told through ever turning pages
You are always the woman of my dreams

I open my eyes greeted by your face
Feeling your body radiating warmth
And with my arms accepting your embrace
An endless well my love for you springs forth

Our love story is one for the ages
Forged from reckless passion and deep desire
Tossing out the wisdom of the sages
We each endured trials of stone and of fire

Now we hold hands and share kisses in dark
Our hearts are one never to be apart

From the Ashes

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When I think Love is dead
never to Love again
it rises from the ashes

When I give up all hope
and resigned to be alone
Love rises from the ashes

When I close my eyes and fear
that the end is very near
Love rises from the ashes

When I let go of the rope
to go down with the boat
Love rises from the ashes

Laying in bed, staring in the dark
listening to the hounds of hell back
Love rises from the ashes

My heart dead and cold
no one around to hold
Love rises from the ashes

Hateful words ringing in my ears
echoing through the years
Love rises from the ashes

Empty ache in my heaving chest
I failed life’s test
Love rises from the ashes

Music no longer plays
haven’t seen her in days
Love rises from the ashes

Sheets cold without her here
no longer is she near
Love rises from the ashes

Only one plate on the table
disbelieving Love’s fable
it rises from the ashes

I let the fire burn
waiting as I yearn
as Love rises from the ashes