Birthday poem for Maddy

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My Baby Girl
My head’s a whirl
I can’t believe you’re thirteen

Growing so fast
Childhood is past
And now you’re a teenager

Shining so bright
Beautiful life
Spreading love and joy around

No challenges
Nor callouses
Could ever halt your journey

You’re so strong
The road is long
But I’ve no doubt you’ll endure

You’ll always have
You’re loving Dad
To support you every step


TBT In Flight

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through the dark black sky.
over the tiny world below.
Gliding ,
across huge, crushing, currents.
with the endless wind.
past great flashes of lightning.
the thin atmosphere.
on the tranquil white clouds.
everyday, one at a time.
with the unpredictable weather.

It will take you where you want to go.

TBT: Parasite

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Seems I was very down on people in high school. Enjoy:

Without a doubt we are the most evil.
Not even snakes, cobras, and such compare.
We are a greater nuisance than a bear.
We are more slimy than a giant eel.
We are not half as cute as baby seals.
A lion’s mane’s far better than our hair.
In some respects a bat is less a scare.
While some are in the street we eat big meals.
We cut down trees for our so-called big needs.
We kill each other for no reason at all.
Do we pause, think t plant a few small seeds?
Do we decide to pay for our fatal
Deeds? We all grow like weeds from gardens, Earth.
We are a thorn in Mother’s side; parasite.

Taylor’s Birthday Poem 2017

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In a world of yelling and noise
You bring peaceful quiet
When most prefer watching and pointing
You read and write
Many hustle, bustle, huff and puff
You take a restful nap
With much barking and howling of dogs
You’re a watchful cat
Far too many swell their chest and boast
You look within and know
Herds run whichever way fear directs
You’re wise enough not to go
Whole gardens have been choked by weeds
You’ve grown healthy and free
Groups forsake sight and choose blindness
You decided it’s important to see
It has been a great blessing to be
Part of your life
And I’m proud that for ever more
Your mother will be my wife
I celebrate all of the talks, chats and
Adventures we’ve had
More than any other honor
I’m grateful to be your dad

Sonnet: Frost

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The cold air bites my face as I step through
My door and out into the blank winter
All night long, frost settled in and wind blew
Like a hungry bear angry and bitter

A thick sheet covering the world in death
And leaving everything quiet and still
Stealing all the warmth from bodies and breath
Seeking to smoother and seeking to kill

Yet mountains look as though topped with sugar
Children playing, building snowmen, sledding
Not afraid of the low temperature
And others survive by hibernating

Know that winter never lasts forever
Bundle up and wait for warmer weather

Tiny Miracle

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Today I noticed a flower so meek.
Through the heavy ground it did peek.
I thought of the grueling process it did take,
To show us its gleaming beauty, far from fake.

It pained me to think of all the people,
that find a flower less than a steeple,
And those who cut them to caress,
Ruining the tiny miracles brief but pleasant happiness.

Sawyer’s Birthday poem 2016

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Sawyer Steven
My little cretin
Always jumpin’
Always dreamin’

Keeps me busy
Keeps me dizzy
A little mini
Copy of me

Swinging swords
Building forts
I’m never bored
With laughs galore

My youngest son
A special one
Lots of love and fun
Life’s only begun

Bless you dearly this day
I’ll always help your way
Love and laugh and play
Happy happy birthday

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