TBT: Women

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A woman surely made of sugar and spice

She is very very nice,

Never has she a harsh word

Her voice is like the song of a bird,

A woman you can only love

She’s as beautiful as a snow white dove,

An inspiration to us all

She will catch you if you fall,

And every time I am near her

It’s all I can do, not to love her further.

TBT: Finnish Flower

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So many Flowers in the garden looking their best,

But one stands out amongst the rest.

One is a little brighter shade of red,

And stood up taller in the Flower bed.

It was a Finnish flower that stood so tall,

So cute and fair like a babies doll.

Still it was elegant and strong,

Like a meadowlarks summer song.

Its’ stem was slender and long.

This Flower, it had nothing with it wrong.

I wished it would to me belong.

So beautiful in form and style.

And its’ sent was bitter, sweet and sour

Together tranquilly and forever and a while.

Until death will I part from my Finnish Flower.

Tbt: Wimp

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I realize I’ve something lacking.You say it is my gut relaxing.

I believe it’s my mind still turning.

That stops my heart always burning.

If you lose patience and move on,

I cannot blame you for your action.

I’m a wimp and a coward at that.

All I’ve done so far is sat.

But please remember my lack of time,

That I’ve invested in women divine.

For surely I will come around.

I just pray that when I do it’s you I’ve found.

TBT In Flight

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through the dark black sky.
over the tiny world below.
Gliding ,
across huge, crushing, currents.
with the endless wind.
past great flashes of lightning.
the thin atmosphere.
on the tranquil white clouds.
everyday, one at a time.
with the unpredictable weather.

It will take you where you want to go.

TBT: Parasite

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Seems I was very down on people in high school. Enjoy:

Without a doubt we are the most evil.
Not even snakes, cobras, and such compare.
We are a greater nuisance than a bear.
We are more slimy than a giant eel.
We are not half as cute as baby seals.
A lion’s mane’s far better than our hair.
In some respects a bat is less a scare.
While some are in the street we eat big meals.
We cut down trees for our so-called big needs.
We kill each other for no reason at all.
Do we pause, think t plant a few small seeds?
Do we decide to pay for our fatal
Deeds? We all grow like weeds from gardens, Earth.
We are a thorn in Mother’s side; parasite.

Tiny Miracle

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Today I noticed a flower so meek.
Through the heavy ground it did peek.
I thought of the grueling process it did take,
To show us its gleaming beauty, far from fake.

It pained me to think of all the people,
that find a flower less than a steeple,
And those who cut them to caress,
Ruining the tiny miracles brief but pleasant happiness.

TBT: My Rifle

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Ugh, so lame, but another TBT poem from my youth…

I love my rifle.
Its’ long thick barrel,
It could catch a can,
In my nimble hand.
I clean my Rifle often.

When the cries of battle sound,
My rifle will be ready to pound,
And fire when the heat is in my sight,
Superbly will my Rifle help me fight,
Because I clean it every night.

After the passion of battle,
My heart rate and breath level.
I will smile with pleasure,
For my drastic measures,
Now I will continue to clean, my Rifle.