TBT: A Friend Amongst Friends

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Another little high school poem from the archive!

A friend amongst friends,
One to hold on to till the end.
A stronger voice in the choir,
She fills my every desire,
A brighter star in the sky,
She brings a sparkle to my eye,
A greener tree that does grow,
She makes my heart a massive glow,
And of my mind, well were lies that,
I lost it some time ago,
When I met you, last week or so.


TBT: Night of Decadence

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Poem I wrote about prom 20 years ago. Cracks me up to read poems from high school me.

Pretty, glowing, cheerful girls all in a row,

Well dressed, handsome gentlemen ready to go,

So many soft, elegant dresses white as snow,

On her ear his soft breath softly blows.

A night under the clean bright stars so high,

Their bright light gleams radiantly in the sky,

Down below in the rusty dirt of the Earth,

The night gave way naturally to evil’s birth.

Dazed and confused and driving too fast,

In a bloody and morbid instant, part of the past.

Fair maidens too ignorant and too young,

In nine months must to the hospital run.

But have fun, please have fun,

And hope it’s not horribly glum,

For on this night your life could be done.

So soon will your beloved presence be forgotten.

Beware the date, the dance, on the night of decadence

TBT: Experiencing Death

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I am but a young man.
I am but a young man.
I don’t want to die.
I don’t want to die.
I will go to school for escape.
I will face the Death.
I want the Country to help me.
I want to help the Country.
I go away to learn at school.
I go away to live in Death.
School is so stressful.
Death is terrifying.
I know I can make it.
I don’t think I will survive.
I fear nothing at all.
I fear for my very life.
I curse the Country.
I fight for the Country.
I read about the Death.
I live the Death.
I don’t think there is really a Death.
I cannot escape the Death.
I will never die.
The Death will swallow me.
I drink with friends in happiness.
I drink alone to forget.
I am completely healthy.
I am numb with pain.
I am full of life.
The Death took my life.
I know everything.
Nobody knows anything.
My whole life is ahead of me.
My life was left behind.
Here’s to life.
Here’s to Death.
I am a great man.
I am a dead man.

TBT: Too Much

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I know, it’s not Thursday. But high school throw back nonetheless

You say “I love you” still mist I request,
If yours is truly love substantially laid.
Methinks your love so shallow you have made,
If I had dove into your love at last,
My skull would I have cracked in half; so see,
To me is love a special thing, untouched.
I once had loved and found what love could be.
I long to love, have love returned as such.
And I would die to have such love from thee,
So stop, a little more could be, too much.


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Good to see I had some confidence back in high school lol

How grand it is to be me.
I live my life happily.
My soul and mind are free.
I have a good personality,
And I’m not too ugly.

TBT: President Kid

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If only the world was run by children.
Children are worth more than a billion.
They are honest,
And so very pleasant.
I think I want to elect one president.

TBT: Oak

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You stand outside my window,

You wave when I leave,

You wave when I arrive,

You watch me when I sleep.

You scare me in the night,

You scratch at my window,

You knock at my wall,

You howl in the wind,

Sometimes you’re my friend

And sometimes you’re a fiend.

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