TBT: Parasite

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Seems I was very down on people in high school. Enjoy:

Without a doubt we are the most evil.
Not even snakes, cobras, and such compare.
We are a greater nuisance than a bear.
We are more slimy than a giant eel.
We are not half as cute as baby seals.
A lion’s mane’s far better than our hair.
In some respects a bat is less a scare.
While some are in the street we eat big meals.
We cut down trees for our so-called big needs.
We kill each other for no reason at all.
Do we pause, think t plant a few small seeds?
Do we decide to pay for our fatal
Deeds? We all grow like weeds from gardens, Earth.
We are a thorn in Mother’s side; parasite.

Tiny Miracle

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Today I noticed a flower so meek.
Through the heavy ground it did peek.
I thought of the grueling process it did take,
To show us its gleaming beauty, far from fake.

It pained me to think of all the people,
that find a flower less than a steeple,
And those who cut them to caress,
Ruining the tiny miracles brief but pleasant happiness.

Buried Bones

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I wrote this a long, long time ago. Kinda cute. I’m proud of young me. 🙂

When Finished with a bone
A dog wishes no one to be shown
So it is, that the bone be buried
Into a deep, dark, dank hole it’s hurried
No one again upon the bone will gaze
To the dog the bone is but a haze
Still the bone has existed
Have you the help of holes enlisted?