Student Lies

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Words, lessons, wisdom
All falling victim
To your whims and fancy
Your beloved technology
That sucks your time
And numbs your mind
Hijacking your thinking
While your snaps are sending
You reject learning
In favor of playing
Headphones pumping sound
Eyes always looking down
Refusing to be taught
In a web you’re caught
Your freedom an illusion
Sowing seeds of your own ruin
Declaring that you’re woke
But all your words are choked
You don’t want an education
You only want more relaxation



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So young and insecure

I just wanted to venture

Through life with loving family

I needed you to guide me

Body changing so confused

With no idea how I should use

A razor to shave the random hairs

Filled with tremendous fears

Nothing but a bashful teen

You handed me razor and cream

No words of advice or info

Just tossed me tools and let me go

For the next few years there after

I tried to discover the answer

To why to I made myself bleed

And why my father didn’t show me

Just another thing I had to learn alone

And another failure in my home

Olivia’s Birthday Poem


Olivia my unicorn

A treasure since you were born

So unique and special

Bright like a rose petal

Strong as a tree immovable

Your spirit is beautiful

Never afraid to be you

Doing what you want to do

With wings you fly with birds

Too amazing to describe with words

You are whatever you wish

Enjoy your life, find your bliss

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New day

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Light fog hugs the ground

Rooster’s crow cuts through the air

Heralding the day

Daylight Saving

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My Sunday’s I like to spend resting

And enjoy filling my food craving

But the clock says half past eight

And it’s already getting late

Because of goddamn daylight saving

Play Ball

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Sunny skies soft breeze

Sweet scent of freshly cut grass

Perfect to play ball

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