Wait don’t leave!

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Wait don’t leave!
Please stay I don’t want you to go
I’m not sure what’s wrong let me know
And I’ll change it and I can show
I’ll stop whatever hurt you so
Don’t leave.

Wait don’t leave!
I don’t want to be alone
Too many people have already flown
I can’t stand to hurt and moan
I’m not ready not yet grown.
Please don’t leave.

Wait don’t leave!
I hate when you do this
I cry feeling so dismissed
And my heart blind in abyss
My soul lost, and amiss
Please don’t you leave me.

Wait don’t leave!
Mom why can’t you just stay
I’m sorry you’re upset all day
I wish I could take your pain away
For you my own happiness I pay
Mom please don’t leave me.

Wait don’t leave!
Wife I know that I hurt you again
I know you hate when I look at them
I just do it to cover my pain
But don’t go and get on that plane
Wife please don’t leave me.

Wait don’t leave!
Family I know you’re not happy with me
I know that it seems I’m not listening
I know you prefer I stay with B
I was just trying to be happy
Family please don’t leave me.

Wait don’t leave!
Girlfriend I know I’m a mess
I know I’ve not given my best
I know I put your love to the test
Tore your heart from your breast
Girlfriend please don’t leave me.

Wait don’t leave!
Dad I know it is not your choice
I know you would say if you had voice
If cancer in your brain destroys
But I need you and your advice
Dad please don’t leave me.

Wait don’t leave!
Don’t you know; isn’t it clear?
I will do anything to keep you near
You leaving is my biggest fear
So much my self will disappear
So you will stay with me.


Sonnets: Alone


I desperately want someone to love.

I mean a woman to have and to hold.

I’m beginning to feel cursed from above.

No special someone with whom to grow old.


Alas there is no one of that nature.

No woman with whom i can share my life.

No sightings of such a divine creature.

I am utterly alone with no wife.


A single young man alone on the road.

Walking the highway hoping for a ride.

As of yet no one stopped or even slowed.

So as cars drive by, I sit on the side.


My thumb is up and my heart is wanting.

But while all alone the task seems daunting.

Sonnets: Dark

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Smothered in darkness, no light to be found.

Engulfs me like a night that will not end.

Unable to run I crawl on the ground.

So dark, on my sight I cannot depend.


My senses so dulled I can see nothing.

The sun will not rise, the stars cannot shine.

Confined in my cell alone, suffering.

I cannot speak but only moan and whine.


Give me a glimmer of hope in the light.

Please send me a sign that a life can glow.

Warming my heart and restoring my sight.

My soul needs some light in order to grow.


And so I will wait for the day you come.

To raise me from the dead, no longer numb.