Sawyer’s Birthday Poem

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Sawyer Steven
My little heathen
Playful sweet mischievous

Happy Birthday
Presents, cake and play
Till you are delirious

We love you so
Always on the go
Ever bringing joy to us

We’ll hold your hand
Grow into a man
And live your life prosperous

Birthday poem for Maddy

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My Baby Girl
My head’s a whirl
I can’t believe you’re thirteen

Growing so fast
Childhood is past
And now you’re a teenager

Shining so bright
Beautiful life
Spreading love and joy around

No challenges
Nor callouses
Could ever halt your journey

You’re so strong
The road is long
But I’ve no doubt you’ll endure

You’ll always have
You’re loving Dad
To support you every step

Birthday Poem for Matt

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One of my students has been asking for a birthday poem all year. His birthday was this month so this is what I wrote him. 

Happy birthday!

You’re a man now

Go out in the world

And make it somehow
Some days will be tough

Others wonderful

Sometimes life’s exciting 

But other times it’s dull
Just be yourself and strive

To always grow and learn

Stay steady on the road of life

Navigate the twists and turns
Don’t ever be afraid to fail

Nor of being heartbroken

Hurts, hurdles and losses

Are the way we keep growing 
Be true to yourself and brace

Carry on no matter what happens

Be strong through storms

And you’ll find love, success and happiness

Olivia’s Birthday Poem 2017

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I couldn’t capture your vitality if I tried
You’re far too free to ever be tied

A painter has not enough colors on his pallet
To copy the essence of your spirit

Too bright you shine when you’re just being you
Your life glows with a beautiful golden hew

No one can match your creativity and zest
All those who know you and love you are blessed

A young lady full of promise, hope and love
Laughter, charm and wit you’re never short of

I’ll protect always the brightness in your eyes
So you may always fly free in the skies

Taylor’s Birthday Poem 2017

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In a world of yelling and noise
You bring peaceful quiet
When most prefer watching and pointing
You read and write
Many hustle, bustle, huff and puff
You take a restful nap
With much barking and howling of dogs
You’re a watchful cat
Far too many swell their chest and boast
You look within and know
Herds run whichever way fear directs
You’re wise enough not to go
Whole gardens have been choked by weeds
You’ve grown healthy and free
Groups forsake sight and choose blindness
You decided it’s important to see
It has been a great blessing to be
Part of your life
And I’m proud that for ever more
Your mother will be my wife
I celebrate all of the talks, chats and
Adventures we’ve had
More than any other honor
I’m grateful to be your dad

Bonus Birthday Poem for Eli: Champion

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Dragons roar
Bows bend
Steel swords sharply clang

Beasts in caves
Growl and snarl
Show their bloodied fangs

Battles rage
Enemies slain
And heroes succumb and fall

Damsels cry
In deep distress
A champion they call

Arrows fly
Tipped with flame
Deep into the night

Sending all
From their homes
Scurrying with fright

Who will help?
The meek and mild
Survive through the dark

Stop the world
From being torn
Savagely apart

Elijah will
Brave and strong
Protect those in need

Noble and pure
His sword will set
The innocent free

Elijah Birthday Poem 11/10/2016

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When justice is threatened
You are there
When someone needs a friend
You are there
When your brothers need help
You are there
When there’s work to be done
You are there
When there’s fun to be had
You are there
When soccer’s being played
You are there
When a book needs reading
You are there
When the bullied need a champion
You are there
When there’s bridges to be built
You are there

I will always love you my son
All the days my life’s race is run

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