Broken heart shards

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Your heart broke again and you throw the sharp pieces at me in anger
So many times you’ve cut me with the shards of your heart that’s shattered

Nicks and cuts oozing blood, soaking my clothes red as my head gets light
Your broken heart constantly shoved in my face and used to attack me as we fight

I tried valiantly to protect it, to guard it, to keep it safe from harm and damage
Your heart was already so damaged, so broken, so fragile it isn’t even sage in a carriage

Let alone out in the world dancing, drinking, promising to be strong and love me well
Still I tried to carry it through the storms and attacks from you, but sometimes I fell

Now my hands are shredded, glass embedded from all the fights and violent attacks
I can’t even carry all the brokenness of your heart as it crumbles and cracks

In my eagerness to love and desire to carry your heart and protect it I continue
Even though it’s slowly killing me while it pierces my flesh and slices my sinew


Get Over It

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You say I must just get over it
that it’s not fair to hold on
say my pains drag me into a pit
wounds are why healing hasn’t begun.

How can I get over it?
When the wounds are so deep
When they penetrate beyond flesh
to my soul they reach.

How can I get over it?
When I am still bleeding
deep red blood still flowing
my once clean clothes staining.

How can I get over it?
When I’m in so much pain
It throbs and pounds my brain
I struggle to remain sane.

How can I get over it?
When I’m reminded every day
in the things that you say
deepening the hurts in the way

How can I get over it?
When I still have tears
and amassed significant fears
built up for many years.

How can I get over it?
When you’ve hurt me so badly
I’m not sure I can heal so quickly
Perhaps I never will, sadly.

You say I must just get over it.
That clinging to pain and anger is sin.
Yet it seems me doing so is to your benefit.
Remembering the pain keeps it from happening again.

My Cannibal

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Claw me, bite me, tear my flesh
Gnaw and chew my tenderness
I knew you were a cannibal
A strong and prowling animal
But when we kissed your fangs vanished
You were no longer thirsty, famished
Gently and softly we laid together
Promised to love and hold on forever
Happy we were in love and peace
No need to bite, no need to feast
But I got up and turned away
When you just wanted me to stay
At first you whimpered and whined
But that could only last for a time
You remembered your claws and attacked
Piercing my heart, ripping my back
Please know I don’t blame you though
Even now, bleeding, I love you so