Embrace the Darkness

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Embrace the darkness
It ate at your soul
Let it give you rest
And fill that gaping hole

The dark will swallow the pain
Lift you from this fallen world
Though we’ll never be the same
Fly away with black wings furled

Your work here is complete
Thank you for enduring torment
To sign songs so bitter sweet
Rage and pain for our enjoyment

We drank from your sour cup
Tasting the anger and sorrow
We savored every last drop
Thirsty we’ll have to continue tomorrow

But you can rest at last
Long deserved and well earned
Finally pain, anger and depression passed
Embrace the dark for which you yearned


My Worst Enemy

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I wrote this in the spring. I am surprised by my own fear and loathing. 


Hearing the gods of war in fear I cringe.

Soul quivers in knowledge of deaths approach.

Army of the dead play a somber dirge.

And words of my judgement are softly spoke.

Why does this enemy pursue me so?

Surely there are some more loathsome than I.

I am giving and seeds of love I sow.

Yet still judgement calls and says I must die.

In desperation I seek an escape.

I would gladly run from death’s bony claw.

Death upon me I look him in the face.

Heart sank as it was my own face I saw.

Time wasted watching for the enemy.

But the one I should far the most is me.

Sonnets: Dark

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Smothered in darkness, no light to be found.

Engulfs me like a night that will not end.

Unable to run I crawl on the ground.

So dark, on my sight I cannot depend.


My senses so dulled I can see nothing.

The sun will not rise, the stars cannot shine.

Confined in my cell alone, suffering.

I cannot speak but only moan and whine.


Give me a glimmer of hope in the light.

Please send me a sign that a life can glow.

Warming my heart and restoring my sight.

My soul needs some light in order to grow.


And so I will wait for the day you come.

To raise me from the dead, no longer numb.