Birthday poem for Maddy

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My Baby Girl
My head’s a whirl
I can’t believe you’re thirteen

Growing so fast
Childhood is past
And now you’re a teenager

Shining so bright
Beautiful life
Spreading love and joy around

No challenges
Nor callouses
Could ever halt your journey

You’re so strong
The road is long
But I’ve no doubt you’ll endure

You’ll always have
You’re loving Dad
To support you every step


Olivia’s Birthday Poem 2017

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I couldn’t capture your vitality if I tried
You’re far too free to ever be tied

A painter has not enough colors on his pallet
To copy the essence of your spirit

Too bright you shine when you’re just being you
Your life glows with a beautiful golden hew

No one can match your creativity and zest
All those who know you and love you are blessed

A young lady full of promise, hope and love
Laughter, charm and wit you’re never short of

I’ll protect always the brightness in your eyes
So you may always fly free in the skies

Ride Maddy Ride

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Ride Maddy Ride
Nothing can stop your energy
No one can take away your dreams
You can leap the fallen trees
And soar over the deep seas

Ride Maddy Ride
You gallop swifter than the wind
Life watches you with a grin
As there’s no challenge you cannot win
You continue strong until the end

Ride Maddy Ride
The world is beautiful and wild
Go out and explore it my child
Explore things enchanting and beguiled
Collect broad adventures piled

Ride Maddy Ride
Never forget to your heart be true
I support you through and through
Whoever you’ll be and whatever you’ll do
Daddy will always love you

Happy birthday my beautiful daughter

My Flower

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Birthday poem for my 8 year old:

Like a flower always in bloom

Your joy and love warms a room

And brings zest and color to life

Always helping people in strife

My flower smiles shyly when praised

But leaves people’s spirits raised

And covers smaller ones from rain

Always soothes those in pain

Your colors so bright in a grey world

Such a beautiful loving young girl

I cherish you my bright flower

I’ll be here to help you grow forever

Tea Party

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Cheers, clink, drink

Tea party with my precious daughter

Cheers, clink, drink

Sipping juice and eating toast with her

Cheers, clink, drink

Chatting and talking about whatever

Cheers, clink, drink

Music filling the room from her CD player

Cheers, clink, drink

Pink heart blanket covering the floor

Cheers, clink, drink

Stuffed animal friends add to the décor

Cheers, clink, drink

Cute little tea pot she can pour

Cheers, clink, drink

I love her now and for evermore

Though one ping of sadness pierced my soul
When I realized my sweet girl will grow old

And perhaps one day won’t want to sip tea
On the floor, pink heart blanket, with me

Today however I smile and laugh heartily
Chatting, eating at our own tea party

Another Poem By Madelyn

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That’s what the night is

Frogs who croak, crickets who sing, that’s what the night is
Fireflies that rush, owls that hush, that’s what the night is
Mice that scurry, bugs that hurry, that’s what the night is
Mothers that hush like the owls, and children that rush like fireflies,
Children all rush to their beds, and mothers who hush them,
That’s what the night is

Madelyn’s Poem in 5th grade

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Forgiving unconditional
Listening trusting Reasoning
Horses Heart Time Outdoors
Understanding feelings Respecting
Loving Forgiving

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