TBT: Petting the Dog


A hunger deep in the bowels of his stomach burns
He’s begging, for a tiny doggie treat yearns
Whining and whimpering he sadly cries
His owner pats his head and clears the sadness from his eyes

Cold and wet the dog sits in the pouring rain
Sad and alone he sits in immense pain
The master abusing the creature for endless years
Calms him by softly scratching behind his ears

Beaten and bloody after another drunken rage
The dog didn’t want this to be just another page
With the sent of blood and memories of the past
He bit his master in his fat lazy ass


For my puppy Bilbo

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Run little puppy

Through tall grass covered in dew

Glide wonder dog glide

Buried Bones

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I wrote this a long, long time ago. Kinda cute. I’m proud of young me. 🙂

When Finished with a bone
A dog wishes no one to be shown
So it is, that the bone be buried
Into a deep, dark, dank hole it’s hurried
No one again upon the bone will gaze
To the dog the bone is but a haze
Still the bone has existed
Have you the help of holes enlisted?