Eli’s Birthday Poem

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There’s a wide adventure waiting
For you to take up a sword and go
Bravely down roads that wind
Into the endlessly calling unknown

Take up a strong brightly painted shield
To hold up in the face of dangers
Whether from monsters lurking
Or from malevolent strangers

Grip tightly to your sword
Do not let it tarnish or rust
I hope you never have to use it
But have the strength if you must

Protect yourself with armor plate
Keep safe your precious heart
You are so pure and so kind
Never will you slip into the dark

Lastly, gather ones you trust
To journey with you always
For when you cannot carry on
They will keep your banner raised

Go forth my son with my blessing
In you I see my own reflection
Wherever you go I’m with you
Regardless of the direction


Never Let Go

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Today my heart broke
As I laid down and spoke
Soft words to my darling son
As his life of burden begun

Gripped with fear that cannot
Be defeated or even fought
Though I would battle anything
Can we defeat anxiety?

Your tears ripped my heart away
Give me the words I need to say
To soothe your pain and anguish
I’m desperate this ache to vanquish

If I had the weapon
I would end the confusion
If only my love and embrace
Your anxiety could erase

I’m becoming desperate my son
To guard you from this season
It pains me as your father
That your world is becoming darker

I would take your fear and pain
But my hopes are all in vain
I promise I’ll fight with you though
I will never give up, never let go

Landon’s Birthday Poem 2017

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My dearest Landon
Such a sweet son
Simply loves everyone
Your life has just begun

Blessed with so many gifts
Overflowing with benefits
Unparalleled wits
The world has no limits

Melting hearts with your smile
For you I’d walk miles
As the sun points on the dial
I’m your loving dad all the while

I’ll carry your burdens with you
Even after you grew
From the nest you flew
I’ll see you through

I’m your strength when you need
Be there to sing you to sleep
Help you from bonds be freed
For you all my blood I’ll bleed

Birthday Poem: Elijah 2014

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My son, let me hold you close and

stroke your messy blond hair.

Gripping you tight, I want to hold

you forever and always give you care.

So sweet and sensitive my boy

you cannot stand by and allow injustice.

In you a fire simmers and occasionally

rages as you explode in a righteous outburst.

Railing against those who lie or slander

like a great defender of the weak, a knight.

Gentle nature not prone to raise a fist

yet when bullies jeer you’re there to fight.

My heart swells and eyes tear to hear you tell

of your time spent with kind Maxine.

On the surface not the strongest or

the bravest, your great strength unseen.

I love you so and I’m so proud to

be your dad now and forever.

For you and your siblings a drive

moves me always to deserve to be your father.

Olivia’s Birthday poem (six years old)

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Happy Birthday my sweet girl
You’re more precious to me than pearl
your amazing laugh
your glowing soul
your beautiful smile
You my love are already growing so big
Just yesterday you were a tiny sprig
you grow
you run
you play
Such a beautiful your spirit
Warms all those who come near it
You’re so rough
so tumble
so strong
But you want Daddy to hold you in his arms
I’ll hold you always my sweet, Keep you from harm

Birthday poem for Eli

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For my son on his 8th birthday. I love you Eli. 


Happy birthday Eli!

I love the sparkle in your eye.


You have such a sweet and loving spirit.

I couldn’t ask for a better kid.


You love to run and jump and play,

getting the most out of every day.


Your smile warms my heart and more,

your soft voice and words I adore.


I love that you are a friend to all.

You are kind to those weak and small.


Though you’re young you’re already strong.

You’ll be a protector for others life long.


You’re a champion, a noble knight.

You always do what’s good and what’s right.


All who know you love you and appreciate,

your joy, love and laughter you make.


I’m here for you to hold your hand.

To love you and teach you all I can.


For now rest and smile and play.

Enjoy this and many more days.