Tap, Tap, Tap

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Tap Tap Tap
Send Send Send
Have no more time to spend

With expanding your mind
Or hunting treasures to find
Improving your body
Or strengthening your family

Nothing but Tap Tap Tap
Send Send Send
Only left with your best friend

Eyes fixed downward
Bow to your lord
Bent over like peasants
You lowly subjects

And just Tap Tap Tap
Send Send Send
Only this till the end

Slaves to the device in your hand
I beg your to break away if you can
Rejoin a world of relationships
Love people and forge friendships

No more Tap Tap Tap
Send Send Send
You can heal, you can mend

Be better than a tapping drone
Feeling so connected but really, alone
Stop allowing the drain of your soul
Let go and make living your goal



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You’ve held me down for far too long

Kept me from dancing and singing song

And I in weakness just went along

Until the man I was and loved was gone


Then I awoke and wondered where I was

How I became more passive than a dove

So I prayed and looked for signs from above

And I thirsted like never before for love


I asked you about my chains; how they got there

Begged you for help, for your tender care

But you attacked me like an angry bloodthirsty bear

I wanted to run away, to go anywhere


Complicated were my binds and deep my wounds

How badly I had weakened over many moons

Yet I refused to remain in darkness; gloom

And took my first step away from doom


With Arrows loosed and spells called behind me

I stood and refused to bend my knee

Because for the first time in a while I could see

And I’ll no longer live afraid in captivity


I’m going to gather my strength and pride

Rediscover the parts of me that died

No longer will I sit in darkness and hide

I’m going to run and sing and be alive