TBT: Hill and Holes

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When I was a child,

I ran about,

Playing in the thick mud,

Reading books every night,

Sleeping so softly,

On clouds so high,

With not a care in mind.

I fell in a deep hole,

Dark and damp,

The monster of puberty,

Dragged me down into its’ depths,

I slaved with my pen and paper,

And wrote unintelligible things,

My head was heavy with thought.

Alas, I climbed out,

And rose high atop a hill,

Now I shout what I might,

Smiling in the warm sun light,

Playing under the bright sky,

I nap ever so happily,

And I capture the words of the heart,

With a mind as clear as life.


Goodbye Pornography

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An acrostic poem

Please don’t take it personal
Or think I don’t appreciate
Really though, please don’t call
No longer I want what you make
On my own I can handle my pain
G rowing beyond our adolescent bond
Relying on myself, my beast is tame
Although I know I was really fond
Power you had to calm my emotions
Helped me deal with stress and commotion
You’re holding me back from forward motion

Goodbye pornography
maybe I’ll visit one day

Olivia’s Birthday poem (six years old)

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Happy Birthday my sweet girl
You’re more precious to me than pearl
your amazing laugh
your glowing soul
your beautiful smile
You my love are already growing so big
Just yesterday you were a tiny sprig
you grow
you run
you play
Such a beautiful your spirit
Warms all those who come near it
You’re so rough
so tumble
so strong
But you want Daddy to hold you in his arms
I’ll hold you always my sweet, Keep you from harm