Eclipse Haiku 

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Historic Eclipse
Daytime Sky turned dark like night
Moon and sun align


Haiku: Summer Heat

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Summer hear roasting
Flowers wilting, grass browning
Burning everything

Sequoia Haiku 3/3

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High above the world
Air cool and clean in the trees
Peaceful I can breathe

Sequoia Haiku 2/3

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Cool breeze blowing trees
Giants humming peacefully
I rest at their feet

Sequoia Haiku 1/3

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What do you do when you’re in the beautiful national forest? Easy! Haiku!

On nature’s tower
High amongst the regal trees
Closer to heaven

Haiku: Horse 

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Horse running with speed

Muscles bulging nostiles flaired 

Powerful beauty 

Honey bee

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Honey bee buzzing

Drinking precious sweet nectar 

Helping flowers bloom 

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