New Year

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I raise a glass and toast
To an end and a new beginning
The closing of a chapter lost
A new page though I’m turning

For whether the last was good
Or whether it was unpleasant
It always understood
That life is in the present

Leave behind extra burdens
It’s better to travel light
While nothing is ever certain
One can always enjoy tonight


Sonnet: Frost

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The cold air bites my face as I step through
My door and out into the blank winter
All night long, frost settled in and wind blew
Like a hungry bear angry and bitter

A thick sheet covering the world in death
And leaving everything quiet and still
Stealing all the warmth from bodies and breath
Seeking to smoother and seeking to kill

Yet mountains look as though topped with sugar
Children playing, building snowmen, sledding
Not afraid of the low temperature
And others survive by hibernating

Know that winter never lasts forever
Bundle up and wait for warmer weather

Sonnets: Dark

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Smothered in darkness, no light to be found.

Engulfs me like a night that will not end.

Unable to run I crawl on the ground.

So dark, on my sight I cannot depend.


My senses so dulled I can see nothing.

The sun will not rise, the stars cannot shine.

Confined in my cell alone, suffering.

I cannot speak but only moan and whine.


Give me a glimmer of hope in the light.

Please send me a sign that a life can glow.

Warming my heart and restoring my sight.

My soul needs some light in order to grow.


And so I will wait for the day you come.

To raise me from the dead, no longer numb.