Why are you Awake?

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Little boys little boys, why are you awake?

Could you do your dad a favor, and sleep until 8?

Little boys little boys, what is it you are doing?

Is there really something so important, that you are pursuing?

Little boys little boys, could you at least make some coffee?

Maybe even teach yourselves, to bring a cup to me?

Little boys little boys, could you please be quiet?

I know you have an inside voice, will you kindly apply it?

Little boys little boys, why do this during spring break?

And why must I battle you, to rise when it’s a school day?



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Dadda! Dadda! Dadda!

Why do they call me so incessantly?

Can’t they see?

How tired I be

And how I need

to rest

Dadda! Dadda! Dadda!

Sometimes it’s so difficult

To endure all their calls

For cups

For snacks

For anything

Dadda! Dadda! Dadda!

God I love them but sometimes

I just need them to mind

And not call me every minute

Especially when I’m on the toilet

Leave me be

Dadda! Dadda! Dadda!

I know that I’ll survive

But sometimes I have to strive

Not to just run away and hide

Or wish I weren’t alive

I need some rest




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Live free my children
Dad will never leave your side
Run, grow, live, laugh, love

Limerick: At the Carwash

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My car is so dirty it’s a sin
I’m taking it to the carwash again
But knowing it will
Only be clean until
My kids get their dirty asses back in

TBT: President Kid

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If only the world was run by children.
Children are worth more than a billion.
They are honest,
And so very pleasant.
I think I want to elect one president.

Trips with kids: Limerick 

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I love summers with children transporting
On trips to theme parks adoring
But when they start to whine
About how much longer the time
It makes me prefer waterboarding

Tea Party

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Cheers, clink, drink

Tea party with my precious daughter

Cheers, clink, drink

Sipping juice and eating toast with her

Cheers, clink, drink

Chatting and talking about whatever

Cheers, clink, drink

Music filling the room from her CD player

Cheers, clink, drink

Pink heart blanket covering the floor

Cheers, clink, drink

Stuffed animal friends add to the décor

Cheers, clink, drink

Cute little tea pot she can pour

Cheers, clink, drink

I love her now and for evermore

Though one ping of sadness pierced my soul
When I realized my sweet girl will grow old

And perhaps one day won’t want to sip tea
On the floor, pink heart blanket, with me

Today however I smile and laugh heartily
Chatting, eating at our own tea party

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