Been a While

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It’s been a while

Since you’ve hurt me this badly

It was just a matter of time sadly

When I needed you, you weren’t here

You were out with friends drinking beer

And more? How will I ever know?

I guess it wasn’t even that long ago

That you blew me off and blew someone else

Then made me feel the fault was in myself

So talented at making me the bad guy

While you have fun and roll so high

All the while blaming me for your deeds

Leaving me with my unfulfilled needs

Then mocking me for the feelings I have

Holding my broken heart as you laugh

And spit in my face while I cry

Hurting me to the point I’d rather die


Building my Cage

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Born free?


Every actions and reaction

Another bar on the cage

Every hurt and every pain

Another bar on the cage

Every time I cry aloud

Another bar on the cage

Every time I shout and rage

Another bar on the cage

Every time I fight for my right

Another bar on the cage

And when I defend myself?

Another bar on the cage

Whether anger or sorrow

Another bar on the cage

When I object and lobby

Another bar on the cage

Every word, every choice

Only cages me further

Now there’s no longer room,

Only enough to lie down

And sob silently

Which was what you wanted

Your Own Fire

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From the ashes you rose?
So happy and joyful with a new man
Another wedding, a new set of vows
Back on track with your life plan

You blame me for ruining your life
Hold me responsible for the fire
Claim you were nothing but a good wife
Say I burned our marriage on a pyre

But you built the fire, log by log:

a log called disrespect
a log called control
a log called contempt
a log called dismissive
a log called sarcasm
a log called neglect
a log called demands
a log called unappreciated
a log called selfishness
a log called indifference

You made me take all the blame
Said it was all my lust and desire
While I may have set the flame
You are the one who built the fire

When Darkness Falls

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Warmth of friendship and love drifted peacefully through the air
The world was free and open and we could live without care

That bullets would rain down and bombs would rip life from us
Stealing away life, stealing away peace and stealing away trust

Some chose to burn the thin curtains that shield our kind eyes
From the horrors of the world filled with death, disease, flies

Our illusion was shattered like a mirror reflecting our beauty
And death was brought to us as if it was their duty

To smash to pieces the fine statues of liberty and freedom
Breaking the hearts of hundreds of innocent victims

And the ones who love them who may never hold them again
Or hear the soft words of “I love you” with joy spoken

Instead sirens screamed out deep into the night
And we held on to each other, not in love, but in fright

Quickly we offer our own freedom and liberty for security and safety
But as Franklin said we receive neither the safety we want but lost liberty

Like the great terror brought to the streets of Paris long before
The guillotine erected in the center of Paris may fall once more

If we frightened specks of nothingness demand action and guarantee
That no harm with come to the lives we cling to feebly

And cower under the covers while spiting hate akin to the hate that killed
Never finding a solution but pouring more into the hateful cup over filled

Until more blood is spilt and more hatred built and more bile coughed
On the streets, in the neighborhood, in the churches and mosques

When darkness falls and fear takes hold there is not end to the madness
Hatred and violence in the name of safety only create more darkness

Only by standing brave and tall in face of hateful words and angry eyes
Can we last until morning and enjoy the bright rays of the sunrise

Memorial Day 2015


A flag raised high fluttering in the wind calls
And begs that some defend its colors
Far from the theaters and shopping malls
Men and women support each other

And the heat of desert sand or jungle rain
Stinging the souls of those who answered
So many would run, but our heroes remain
Enemies jeering, our soldiers undeterred

Explosions and bullets a tornado of death
Seeking to extinguish the fire in our lives
That monster of war stole some of their breath
Some of our heroes sacrificed and died

Yet they live in our hearts and in our minds
We cannot forget that they lived for us
Never let go of the love that binds
Though all flesh melts, bones turn to dust

Reduced to Dust

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A hard, thick, stubborn Rock stood strong
Able to resist storms all season long.

The Rock remained unchanged for ages
always solid
always hardy
always present
Was always there through weather changes.

The Rock didn’t fret as a storm approached
storm raged
storm roared
storm struck
Storm attacked and the Rock broke.

The Rock shattered, reduced to dust
dust in the wind
dust in the sea
dust in the earth
In spite of its strength the Rock was crushed.

The landscape forever changed without it
Though it is gone, those who knew will not forget.

You’re Missing it

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I never knew how much one can do
in a year until I did it without you

So long you waited for the Kings to win
We watching one together, but they won again!

A world cup without you was not the same
The Fatherland won! I celebrated with some pain

Galaxy too won and is first to five
It isn’t the same without you alive

But sports is sports, more important things
March on besides Dodgers, soccer and Kings

My life was turned upside down as yo left
Many relationships challenged many put to the test

A lot of hurting, healing and plenty of growing
It seems no matter what happens life keeps going

Dad, the kids are so amazing and wonderful
So full of life, hope and energy, so lovable

Reminding me that the sun rises and the sun sets
Though I mourn because you’re missing it

While that is true,
Really, I’m just missing you.

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