Been a While

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It’s been a while

Since you’ve hurt me this badly

It was just a matter of time sadly

When I needed you, you weren’t here

You were out with friends drinking beer

And more? How will I ever know?

I guess it wasn’t even that long ago

That you blew me off and blew someone else

Then made me feel the fault was in myself

So talented at making me the bad guy

While you have fun and roll so high

All the while blaming me for your deeds

Leaving me with my unfulfilled needs

Then mocking me for the feelings I have

Holding my broken heart as you laugh

And spit in my face while I cry

Hurting me to the point I’d rather die


TBT: A Friend Amongst Friends

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Another little high school poem from the archive!

A friend amongst friends,
One to hold on to till the end.
A stronger voice in the choir,
She fills my every desire,
A brighter star in the sky,
She brings a sparkle to my eye,
A greener tree that does grow,
She makes my heart a massive glow,
And of my mind, well were lies that,
I lost it some time ago,
When I met you, last week or so.


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Precious jewel buried in rock

But simple stone you are not

Your angels are sometimes sharp

Your words pierce me to the heart

Other times you are so smooth

Catching my eye when you move

Light reflecting from your angels

Eye shining bright as an angle’s

Hewn from rock and cut in beauty

Like emerald topaz and red ruby

Better still, like unbreakable diamond

Together forging an everlasting bond

Olivia’s Birthday Poem


Olivia my unicorn

A treasure since you were born

So unique and special

Bright like a rose petal

Strong as a tree immovable

Your spirit is beautiful

Never afraid to be you

Doing what you want to do

With wings you fly with birds

Too amazing to describe with words

You are whatever you wish

Enjoy your life, find your bliss

Little Porcupine

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I love you little porcupine
Don’t you love me too?

Then why is it you hurt me so
When I’m close to you?

I love you little porcupine
Won’t you love me back?

I’d never do you any harm
Why do you attack?

I love you little porcupine
Do you love me still?

But when I hold you close to me
Pierce me with your quill?

I love you little porcupine
Will you love me soon?

Please learn to love me gentilly
I’ll die from more wounds


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Live free my children
Dad will never leave your side
Run, grow, live, laugh, love


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Though you don’t seem to care

All it would take to revive us

Is one small breath of air

But you’d rather turn blue

And let the body perish

Rather than help us get through

The trials and the struggles

That all must endure

Instead you mock and chuckle

While life drains away

Too stubborn to help

Giving no reason to stay

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