Reduced to Dust

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A hard, thick, stubborn Rock stood strong
Able to resist storms all season long.

The Rock remained unchanged for ages
always solid
always hardy
always present
Was always there through weather changes.

The Rock didn’t fret as a storm approached
storm raged
storm roared
storm struck
Storm attacked and the Rock broke.

The Rock shattered, reduced to dust
dust in the wind
dust in the sea
dust in the earth
In spite of its strength the Rock was crushed.

The landscape forever changed without it
Though it is gone, those who knew will not forget.


You’re Missing it

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I never knew how much one can do
in a year until I did it without you

So long you waited for the Kings to win
We watching one together, but they won again!

A world cup without you was not the same
The Fatherland won! I celebrated with some pain

Galaxy too won and is first to five
It isn’t the same without you alive

But sports is sports, more important things
March on besides Dodgers, soccer and Kings

My life was turned upside down as yo left
Many relationships challenged many put to the test

A lot of hurting, healing and plenty of growing
It seems no matter what happens life keeps going

Dad, the kids are so amazing and wonderful
So full of life, hope and energy, so lovable

Reminding me that the sun rises and the sun sets
Though I mourn because you’re missing it

While that is true,
Really, I’m just missing you.

My Cannibal

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Claw me, bite me, tear my flesh
Gnaw and chew my tenderness
I knew you were a cannibal
A strong and prowling animal
But when we kissed your fangs vanished
You were no longer thirsty, famished
Gently and softly we laid together
Promised to love and hold on forever
Happy we were in love and peace
No need to bite, no need to feast
But I got up and turned away
When you just wanted me to stay
At first you whimpered and whined
But that could only last for a time
You remembered your claws and attacked
Piercing my heart, ripping my back
Please know I don’t blame you though
Even now, bleeding, I love you so