R.I.P Chris Cornell

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Say hello to Heaven Chris
It’s painful how much you’ll be missed

My heart breaks to think you’re gone
That you’ll never write another song

My ears will ever long to hear your voice
And poetic words with eloquent choice

Sometimes low and deep, stirring the soul
To loud and scratchy raising the pulse

Your pain spoke to me and helped me cope
Channeled my rage to avoid the rope

I’m sorry the rope found you my friend
Suppose all succumb to its beckon in the end

Thank you for sharing your pain and torment
Your art will endure, leave a lasting imprint

I will mourn you ahead in some black days
Embrace the black hole sun’s chilling warm rays

Though too short you are great among men
A true artist to the bitter sweet end


The Noise

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So much noise

PA calling a student to the office

Chess pieces crashing to the floor

Languages I don’t understand 

I can’t handle much more

While just trying to settle my spirit

And hear the soothing music

But too many curses and shouts

Drown the sweet sounds out 

So much noise